Let JEMStar Tech help scale your business!

Our experienced team of technology experts can help you build your next prototype, plan your architecture, or monetize your site with Affiliate and Performance Marketing.

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Our services

Our Business Services

We provide system integration, software development, business intelligence, predictive analytics and Infrastructure scaling and deployment.

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Affiliate & Performance Marketing Technology

We are masters of affiliate marketing and performance marketing technology platforms, for site monetization, Loyalty and Cashback implementations and consulting.

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Board Advisor & Mentoring

Let us bring our perspective and experience to your board discussions. We have experience evaluating technology roadmaps, M&A targets and due diligence.

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Fractional CTO

Whether you need help determining the your technology roadmap or how and where to include low code or no code solutions, Have one of our experts come in and act as a CTO on an ongoing basis, short term or long term.

Our Applications


Applications we have created.

Code Collector Pro

Enables code re-use and sharing

Nuggit Editor

Easy to use Full featured text editor

Better Link Tester

Better Link Tester the best way to check your websites.

skEdit Editor

Powerful and easy to use HTML & Text Editor

Our story

The story behind  JEMStar Tech

We where started with the idea, that everybody deserves strong technology leadership.

About us
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Our mission

The core mission behind all our work

We create cutting edge applications that are safe, secure and maintainable.

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Our process

A simple yet powerful and efficient process

The objective of our process is to get started, handle change, and deliver results that will make our clients happy.

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1. Analysis & Research

Understand the problem, the business drivers, and objectives for the new initiative.

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2. Execution

Put together and execution a plan, and deliver. Modify as necessary.

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3. Launch

Ensure that environments are scaled a monitored properly, application has been QA'd and is monitored.

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We are ready and able to help, build your next prototype, application, or just need another set of eyes.

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Hear what our customers say

We have helped many companies big and small.

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JEMStar Tech brought the experience and the expertise to our project. We needed experts in Affiliate marketing and Product Data JEMStar was there, when we needed them.

Founder at DataBlendr

We needed help determining our Admin Tools and CMS strategy, JEMStar Tech brought the experience and know how to create a plan for the right tools, and then executed on the plan.

Our Blog

Browse our articles & resources

Our team loves to share, check out our articles and blog posts on technology.

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